visual designer



The Opportunity:
Presence curates unique experiences that facilitate deep and meaningful connections with people and nature. These experiences get you away from technology and help you to connect through various forms of art, music, video, dance and much more. The goal of the identity was to embody some of the feeling that you get from these experiences: The feeling of being grounded, connected to others and yourself, and functioning from a meditative state. 

The Solution:
The final identity plays with negative space and the relationship between objects. The icon of a person in a meditative state becomes infinitely more interesting when it is small, sitting in a sea of color. The wordmark creates even more space for the icon, giving the illusion that the person is levitating. The icon's use of an infinity symbol and a line that doesn't break resembles constant movement and energy; a balance of mind, body and spirit. 

Role: Designer
Client: Presence